The Ground Floor Project is a unique initiative focusing on cultural activity that will reside and is now residing on the ground floor of 8th+Hope. Through partnerships with a handful of select artists, the community, and other cultural stakeholders within downtown and the greater Los Angeles area, the GFP aims to present emerging local culture within music, theater, dance, visual art, craft, and culinary art. Our ground floor, flexible, convertible space opens out onto the street to welcome the surrounding community in and to inspire resident pride. Above all, the Ground Floor Project aims to create a sustainable platform that celebrates the creative process, the evolution of what is relevant, and the preservation of what is long-lasting for our culture and for our community. Check out the video below — Artist Bettina Hubby’s original installation christened the GFP this past Friday night with hundreds in attendance, checking out the inaugural kick off.  Stop by soon to experience this inspiring artist’s one-of-a-kind work in person as the show runs for only a number of days at 8th+Hope.